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The DobberHockey Fantasy Hockey Guides (downloadable PDF) have been industry-acclaimed since 2006. The Draft Lists (playoffs and regular season) have been a key tool for poolies since 2005.

DobberHockey (and sister site DobberProspects) is the only site that publishes an annual Prospects Report – from a fantasy hockey standpoint. And it is the only source that produces a Midseason Fantasy Hockey Guide to help you with your second half!

Fantasy Hockey Geek takes the DobberHockey projections and expands them into over 100 statistical categories – customizing it to fit the needs of your league.

  • The best damn fantasy hockey guide on the market is now in its 13th year. Released August 1, 2019. Updated frequently throughout the summer and training camp! Available for download August 1 and fully updated to present day. It is not mailed, you download it. (“Downloads” link in main menu). Pick it up immediately after it's released! Included: Fantasy Guide is a PDF and the Draft List is a Spreadsheet.
  • The 13th annual report from Dobber. Includes 12-18 fantasy-worthy prospects from each team, their upsides, their ETA for the NHL, and the 3YP stat - jam packed with info, includes fantasy hockey profiles for 2019 draftees. Released June 1, 2019
  • Fantasy Hockey Geek: The Draft Kit

    Fantasy Hockey Geek Draft Kit

    Take Dobber's Draft List to another level. Customize your list based on the size of your league, your needs for each position, as well as the weighting of each scoring category. Dobber's projections are the best in the business, but how do they fit your specific league setup?  We have done the work so you don't have to.  The Draft Kit is built around the Customized Player Projections which takes whichever projections you choose (i.e. Dobber’s, or the last three-years averaged, or last season’s stats, etc.) and fits them to your league’s categories, roster rules (i.e. positional scarcity) and ranks them. We also have a Draft Guru tool as a bonus, which provides advice on what players are the best fit for your team as the draft unfolds.  There's simply no better way to get ahead at the draft. *Get Coupon Code Below!*
  • Fantasy Hockey Geek: Season Toolkit
    In order to win your league, you need to make good decisions throughout the season. Guide your decisions with the Season Toolkit, a suite of tools that give you that deep understanding that’ll help you make the right decisions and take down the competition.
  • For 13 years Dobber has been helping you turn your season around with this Midseason Guide. For 13 years (minus the lockout year), the popularity of this has grown. Second-half projections, sleepers, historical trends and prospects. Available for immediate download NOW!
  • Fully customizable - or just go with Dobber's picks! You can set the teams you feel will reach the Final and sort your draft list based on Dobber's analysis and formula, or just go with his own personal list. It's up to you!