//Dobber’s Keeper League Fantasy Hockey Pack 2019

Dobber’s Keeper League Fantasy Hockey Pack 2019


(23 customer reviews)

Includes Fantasy Hockey Guide (2019-20), the preseason draft list on a sortable spreadsheet, and Dobber’s 2019 Fantasy Hockey Prospects Report – all for one crazy price! Fantasy Guide Free updates throughout training camp

All products are available for download after they are released (after June 1 for the Prospects Report, after August 1 for the Fantasy Guide) via the “downloads” link in your “Account” page.

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Includes Dobber’s 14th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide (2019-20), the preseason draft list on a sortable spreadsheet, and Dobber’s 2019 Fantasy Hockey Prospects Report – all for one crazy price!

The Fantasy Prospects Report released June 01, 2019. Fantasy Guide (also includes Draft List) now available and is updated regularly until early October. Free updates on the Fantasy Guide throughout training camp, including latest cuts and injury info! And our Frozen Tools in-depth projection and stats section is free all year around, so in that sense our projections are updated throughout the season.

Dobber’s projections in the Fantasy Guide have been the industry standard for three consecutive years according to the Fantasy Hockey Consumer Report. And the Fantasy Prospects Report is the only full prospect profile Guide available that gives the fantasy hockey slant on the up-and-comers.


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All products are available for download immediately after purchase via the “downloads” link in the main menu above. Currency is USD






23 reviews for Dobber’s Keeper League Fantasy Hockey Pack 2019

  1. Chris

    Best guide around for the best price. I hope my fellow poolies don’t figure out how sweet a deal this pack is!!!!

  2. Ryan Williams

    Awesome!! Easily the best Prospect Guide and Fantasy Hockey Guide out there!! Just amazing!! Best money spent to win every pool!! A+++

  3. Randall

    The only yearly must-buy, essential purchase for the serious fantasy hockey fanatic. Never disappoints, always updated. What more could I ask for? Thank you. #DobbersFantasyGuide

  4. Bill Cann

    The Prospects Guide by itself is worth the money, but then add it to the regularly updated Fantasy Guide, and you’ve got yourself a Championship Calibre team. Share it with everyone (except the guys in your pool)!

  5. Steve Johnson

    It’s weird. I’ve been with Dobber since Day 1 and I wish him all the best in the world, but to this day, I still have told nobody else in my leagues about him because I feel like he is my secret weapon. These guides are the kill-shot.

  6. chuckcouples

    The best fantasy hockey guides in the world.It’s money well spent every year even if you are just a hockey fan and don’t play fantasy sports. They are a must buy if you want to win your fantasy hockey league(s).

  7. Guillaume Dube

    My one and only guide for now 7 years. With 5 first place and 2 second, I guess I will continue to follow their advices :). Thanks Dobber for this fantastic product!!

  8. Paul Switzer

    I have purchased Dobber’s guides for the last 7 years and it has greatly increased my knowledge of teams throughout the NHL and has helped me prepare me for my drafts. The Prospect Guide, Fantasy Guide, and Fantasy Hockey Geek site are all great products and I highly recommend them. I have gotten other fantasy hockey publications but don’t anymore. Dobber’s Guides are all you need. Plus, it is a great way to give back to Dobber for all the excellent resources provided on the Dobber Hockey Forum all year long. Keep up the great work!

  9. Zachary Eddy

    This is my first year (for shame!) using the Dobber products, and so far I’m absolutely blown away by the depth of the information. From the team by team breakdown, complete with sleeper picks for each team as well as analytics… Unreal! Add to that the prospect guide, and these tools are sure to give an edge in all my leagues.

    I can say with absolute certainty you have a repeat customer in me, and I’ll be counting down the days next summer until the guides are released!

  10. Matt

    3rd year in a row I’ve purchased this. It’s the best in the business as shown from fantasygeek ca. No need to purchase any other one

  11. Matt

    3rd year in a row I’ve purchased this. It’s the best in the business as shown from fantasyref.ca No need to purchase any other one

  12. Daniel

    The best and most comprehensive guide available! Love how the information is provided in an easy-to-understand way.

  13. Karl Wasilkowski

    It has it all covered, great mag to prepare for your hockey season!

  14. John Carson

    If you can only get one guide this would be the first one I would recommend. It’s top notch on it’s own but add to it the link to the players pages and you have a ture winner. The site on it’s own is my first recommendation to anyone getting into hockey pools. The guide just takes it to another level.

  15. Simon

    Hands down the best fantasy hockey guide available. It’s the reason I win in my pools and it will do the same for you.

  16. Vito Ruggia

    Great read and predictions. Been a loyal purchaser for years and it shows as I do well in my leagues

  17. Stephen Lichti

    best guide to buy for either (especially) a beginner, as well as a season veteran poolie. its time TO RULE YOUR POOL, with dobberhockey.

  18. Randy King

    Been using Dobber for years now, has always given me a leg up on other GMs in my pool. Easily the best source out there.

  19. Grant Forster

    Best guide there is. I can only hope the rest of my league owners don’t discover this.

  20. Stephane Lapierre

    Best guide available. I buy it every year. Now in French. Wow, it’s amazing. Merci beaucoup.

  21. KH

    Can’t beat it, especially at this price. Been buying it for past 10 years. Love that it’s always evolving and getting better with new features and stats to give you an edge.

  22. Scott

    It’s a great guide with almost too much information!

  23. Eric Vincelette

    excellent,,,,every year

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