Dobber’s 2016-17 Fantasy Hockey Guide


The best damn fantasy hockey guide on the market is now in its 11th year. Last Update: Oct. 10, 2016. Updated frequently throughout the summer!

Available for download RIGHT NOW. It is not mailed, you download it. (“Downloads” link in main menu). Pick it up immediately after purchase! Included: Fantasy Guide is a PDF and the Draft List is a Spreadsheet

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An Adobe document (pdf) and the Draft List (Excel spreadsheet) comes with it. The best damn Fantasy Hockey Guide on the market. Guide and Draft List are updated through training camp to the start of the season. Sleepers, upsides, projections on a sortable spreadsheet, line combos and more – including projections for hits and blocked shots. The 11th annual guide brought to you by the fantasy contributor of, Yahoo! Puck Daddy and the former fantasy hockey guy for (2002-2014) and Sports Forecaster (2004-2012). Available right now for immediate download!


Last Update: Oct. 10, 2016 – updates are free, simply re-download the documents to get the update


This is the only online fantasy service with 11 years of acclaimed Fantasy Hockey Guides. Dobber has contributed to dozens of magazines you've been reading from the newsstand over the past 15 years, including The Hockey News and the Hockey Forecaster. He was the fantasy hockey writer for The Hockey News for 12 years with over 900 articles and he's been doing player projections for over 20 years.




In the 2015-16 Fantasy Guide, 255 player point projections were accurate within five points. Ten consecutive seasons of getting more than 200 player points projections accurate within five points.



Updated at least 50 times between August 1st and October 12th. Sometimes several times in a day! Updates are FREE – simply re-download the pdf and you'll have the latest one. A list of updates are conveniently noted in the 'updates' section of the Guide. This is the only fantasy guide that has updated line combinations, projections, injuries and training camp cuts – sometimes 10 minutes after they're announced! Don't go into your draft with a Guide that has news and projections from late July. Dobber's Guide will have you set based on up-to-the-hour news!


For six years, Dobber has added a section for each team breaking down what the latest in advanced statistics tells you about how the coach is using/deploying his players and what it means to a player's fantasy outlook (and to your fantasy squad). Includes 5on5 S% and CorsiRel analysis. But the Guide isn't bogged down with complicated numbers – just the straight projections, with this advanced stats analysis in its own section presented clearly for the layman.



Alsoa full rookie report, including odds that each will make the team (and yes, the odds get adjusted and updated too), a sleeper chart with odds of the player reaching his sleeper number, a team-by-team analysis of the NHL schedule and how best to use the schedule to your advantage…and of course projections for over 700 players (including Hits and Blocked Shots). The Guide is an Adobe document and the accompanying Draft List is of course a multi-page spreadsheet (use the ones that work best for your league!). DobberHockey has been exclusive to fantasy hockey for 11 years, with new content every day (including Christmas). You don't want to pick up something from a website that closes shop for the summer and provides zero analysis and rankings between May and August, do you? Hell no. You want product from a group of fantasy diehards who never stop analyzing and breaking down the news – even if it's a minor signing in late July!


Remember – a good Guide is more than just projections. You also want to make sure you get all the players too! In 2010 only ONE Guide had Jeff Skinner making Carolina's roster and only ONE Guide had a projection for him: Dobber's. In 2014 only ONE Guide had John Klingberg seeing some games with Dallas and only ONE Guide had a projection for him: Dobber's. Sure would have been nice to get those guys, huh?


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In a league with multiple categories? – Customize your Draft List based on your league size, roster size, positional demands, stat category weighting and more! Even better, the Draft Guru tool will walk you through it suggesting players as your draft unfolds. Just $7 extra if you add the Geek Draft Kit (save over half the reg. price) – use coupon code: geekdkit


*Note: all currency is US$, and a 13% tax is added for HST, per Ontario law. Canadians – because of the current exchange rate, we have maintained our pricing for a seventh straight year even though a $2 increase is long overdue. To be fair to Canadians, any future price increase will wait until the currencies are closer to par.



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